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Our exclusive 4x4 fleet offers you dynamic, powerful vehicles designed to deal with challenging terrains. These superb models ensure that no matter what road conditions you encounter on your trip, passengers travel in ultimate comfort with luxurious in-cabin trims and innovative infotainment systems.
We recommended the Range Rover Sport, a powerful SUV with a 5.0-litre V8 engine featuring strong, muscular looks on the outside and elegant refined fitting inside. Also available is the stylish Mercedes G Class, an off-road pioneer with a rugged look. For those who enjoy precision German engineering, drive the mid-size luxury crossover BMW X5 SUV.

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Nothing beats a unique open-air experience when enjoying a Europe vacation in the sun. Our cabriolet fleet oozes style and pizzazz, a statement of the good life and the perfect drive to enhance your upmarket lifestyle. Drop the top, put on your designer shades and hit the open road. Drive the iconic Ferrari 458 Spider, a 2-door, 2-seater that rockets to top speeds of 325 km/h with a 4.5-Litre V8 engine. For a family with small children, the magnificent Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet or the dynamic BMW M4 Convertible both offer a 4 seat option.

Top Cabriolet Cars

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Add the final touch of panache to your luxury road trip and rent one of our exclusive exotic cars. They are designed to thrill the senses, challenge your driving skills and emphasize your I-have-arrived style. Each model in our exclusive collection is guaranteed to turn heads as you cruise past.
The iconic 2-door drop-top Ferrari 488 Spider is superbly seductive with low, sleek lines. For a classy and refined open-air cruise, the elegant Bentley Continental GTC is the quintessential soft-top grand tourer. Choose a stunner - park your BMW i8 outside a landmark venue, open the butterfly doors and step out.

Top Exotic Cars

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Mercedes AMG GTSGet a quick quote
Lamborghini AventadorGet a quick quote
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Treat yourself for the pure pleasure of knowing that you can. Choose a luxury rental drive for your next road trip. From luxurious sports sedans to superbly comfortable and lavish MPVs we have an exclusive range of high-class vehicles perfect for family holidays, business conferences and grand occasions.
Drive the charismatic Maserati Quattroporte, powered by a 4.7-Litre V8 engine. To accommodate a larger group the Mercedes V-Class will seat up to 8 people and offers the driver a host of Assist Features. For an exquisite combination of a sports car in a sedan style, drive the Porsche Panamera Turbo.

Top Luxury Cars

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Rolls Royce PhantomGet a quick quote
Audi R8Get a quick quote
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If your vibe is young-at-heart, trendsetting, lightning-fast and out there, our fleet of luxury sports cars will delight the senses with their cutting-edge aerodynamics, rocketing speeds and hand crafted interiors. The Audi R8 was born with motor-sport in its genes, offering blistering speeds with a 5.2-Litre V10 engine. For an equally exclusive drive, we recommended the magnificent 2-door, 2-seater Mercedes AMG GT. The legendary Nissan GT-R will wow with explosive power and its radical concept of a sports car designed to be driven ‘any time’ and ‘anywhere’.

Top Sport Cars

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Porsche CayenneGet a quick quote
Ford Mustang GT ConvertibleGet a quick quote
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Are you obsessed with the show-off factor, the scream of the engine and the unbridled power of blistering speeds? Our fleet of exotic supercars will set your heart racing. With iconic brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Jaguar and more, we have your dream ride in Europe. The high-performance Lamborghini Huracan streaks across the landscape at top speeds of over 320 km/h. The prestigious Aston Martin DB9 is available in both a coupé and a convertible model. Know no boundaries when you fire up the engine of the Mclaren 570 Spider and enjoy the exhilaration of an open-top drive.

Top Supercars Cars

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Lamborghini AventadorGet a quick quote
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