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Luxury Car Hire in Malaga

Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Hire a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider in Malaga and experience an exhilarating drive in one of the greatest Ferrari cars ever made.

Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

Rent your Mercedes CLS 63 AMG in Malaga for the high performance of a sports car with the comfort of a coupe.

Mercedes R-Class CrossoverLuxury Car for Rental

Rent a Mercedes-Benz R-Class Crossover to drive a spacious sodd seat MPV, combining the versatility of an SUV with the refinement of a luxury sedan.

Aston Martin V12 VantageMalaga Top Car

Rent an Aston Martin V12 Vantage and drive a true masterpiece boasting immense power, high performance, style, beauty and an incredible sound.

Jeep Grand CherokeeMalaga Elite Car

Advanced 4WD system combined with comfort and luxurious design - renting a Jeep Grand Cherokee in Malaga will grant you one of the best 4x4 off road vehicles.

Bentley Continental GTLuxury Car for Rental

A stunning grand touring coupe, combining power and beauty. Rent a Bentley Continental GT in Malaga and experience a true luxury car

Range Rover AutobiographyLuxury Car for Rental

Hire the Range Rover Autobiography for a luxury 4x4 rental in Malaga and enjoy a cutting edge off-road sporting vehicle.

Audi S5 CoupePremium Car Malaga

Hire an Audi S5 Coupe in Malaga with a direct-injection 4.2 litre V8 engine, the Audi S5 Coupe is the ideal choice for those who enjoy luxury, speed and power.

Rolls Royce GhostMalaga Elite Car

Sleek and surprisingly sporty, hire a luxurious Rolls Royce Ghost saloon in Malaga and enjoy the dependability, comfort and refinement of this smaller yet classic Rolls.

Ferrari 599 GTOMalaga Elite Car

For a driving experience like no other, hiring a Ferrari 599 GTO in Malaga puts you at the wheel of Ferrari’s fastest and most capable sports car ever.

Ferrari F430Premium Car Malaga

Aggressive and powerful, driving the Ferrari F430 is the supercar enthusiasts dream. Hire your F430 in Malaga for a guaranteed intense and thrilling driving experience.

BMW 3 Series M3Malaga Top Car

BMW 3 Series M3 is a combination of outstanding performance with maximum comfort and refinement - rent your BMW 3 Series M3 in Malaga

Maserati QuattroportePremium Car Malaga

Hire a Maserati Quattroporte in Malaga to experience the remarkable combination of an exclusive luxury sedan and high performance sports car.

Bentley Continental GTC

A Bentley Continental GTC rental in Malaga will provide you with a prestige convertible GT with the power of a speedy supersport car.

Jaguar XJMalaga Top Car
Limited Availability

Jaguar XJ is a luxury sedan for hire in Malaga that will provide you a spacious sports coupe with stunning design and innovative high-end technology.

Ferrari Enzo

Bringing F1 technology with a powerful engine and lightweight body, hire a Ferrari Enzo in Malaga and drive one of the greatest “berlinetta” supercars ever made.

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